Friday, April 29, 2011

Lead Me Where You Want Me To Go

Whew!!!  Wednesday was a big day for me. I have been praying about writing and sharing. I believe the Lord lead me to send out the blog information for A(musing).  I was more than apprehensive. Recording my thoughts for other to see allows transparency.  I will share triumphs and insecurities.  I will talk about the deep and wounding scars that seem to take forever to heal because I had problems letting  go. My shell will be peeled back and I will be exposed. No longer protected, but making room  for the Balm in Gilead that does heal wounds.  I know because I have experienced it.
I remember as a young child, friends and family talking to me about deep stuff. People confiding in me about things that I should not have known.  They had to talk to someone.  I now know that was a training period for me to begin what would eventually be an important piece of my life. I love the written word.  It empowers
my thoughts to reach inward and outward to convey what I feel and to whom.  Writing does wonderful things for my heart.  I know that people will feel me because I feel what they feel. Thank you Lord for your mercy, grace, loving kindness and covering over my life for such a time as this. Even if no one ever reads a word I write, I write and pray to an audience of one.


  1. I love that..."I write and pray to an audience of one". I may have to use that.
    Mrs. Gray, your words are powerful and will only give God Glory and allow healing for those who will read.

    Thank you for Sharing.

  2. Charlene, it took a wahile but, that you fr your comment. Keep writing. When the student id ready the teacher will come.