Monday, April 11, 2011

The Monday Before Spring Break

The educators in the place that I work are wearing this year worse than I have ever seen  in all the time I have been in this school.  This has been a very difficult school year.  There is so much on the table regarding budget, school climate, issues of behavior, issues of mental health, so much on our plates.  One teacher said  that this was the worse year she has ever had.  This teacher has worked 26 years in  the public school
system. There are children we cannot reach.  I didn't think I would see that, ever.  Silly me, I thought all parents were on their games ready, and willing to help the teachers help their children.  I left out able on purpose.  I don't think some parents are able to help their children for lack of what they didn't get themselves. Others have issues that they don't face and the children pay for it.
You would have to be in the school to see what the days look like.  This is the elementary level.  It gets worse as the grades increase. I was told not to write about kids and school issues.  There is deep pain and much disappointment.  I hate to see our children in such a state, however they are definitely affected by their home environment. They bring  mess to school.  It's not that they want to, they can't help it. I will probably not be doing this job much longer for I no longer feel I make a difference.  I very much feel for the new teachers who come out of school starry eyed with the thoughts of how they will change the world thru education.  Many are have already walked away in frustration and utter dismay. My heart goes out to them for they really wanted to make a difference, but the real work starts at home.  Home used to be where the heart was for me and my generation, however I don't see that translated for some of these children.  I feel bad for them.

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