Friday, May 20, 2011


I work in an elementary school.  Several of the students who know that I am a believer approached me today to see if I believed the world was going to end tomorrow.  I asked them if it did happen what could they do?  Most said they did not know and they were scared.  I remember years ago when this same group of people tried to convince others that the world would end on a certain date and Jesus would be coming.  I am amazed that there are people all around who have yet to search the scriptures for themselves and have allowed themselves to believe what I feel to be the rantings of a fool.
The bible says that we will not know the minute or the hour that the Son of Man will appear.  Just as others have their belief that saturday is it, I prefer to believe the Word of God .  The children I spoke with were afraid, so I told them, when they see me on Monday morning, come and get a big hug and love from me as always. 
I know that many people think I am being duped by whom I place my  faith in and that I am dead wrong.  So be it. I am willing to take my chances on the Word Of God , than to trust in another version of someone elses inaccuracies.
I'd rather get to the end of my journey with Jesus than to have lived my life without him. When he does come, I will be ready.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


A dear friend is experienceing the break up of her marriage after 25 years due to adultery and other issues of selfishness.  Her tears and broken heartedness are hidden from some, but not from me.  She trusts me in the sense of telling her the truth and not sugar coating things.  That has always been the premise of our friendship from the beginning.  It's hard to see her in such pain but, we both agree that God keeps good records. There
are people in her former sphere of influence that have come to a conculsion of her matter without full knowledge of the details and as a result have severed ties with her.
My duty as her sisterfriend is to remind her that in this season some folks will depart.  Her life is being purged from people, old habits, disappoinment and opinions that will not be seen her in new landscape.  I am also charged to pray for her and her journey.  When this is over, there will be women who will hear her story and know that at times she was carried and,  others she was covered. Some will reconcile with her beacuse of their arrogant opinions.  Their judgement of her former marriage rests on grounds insufficient to produce certainty.  Lest we forget there are three sides to every story - his, hers and the truth. In essence what others think doesn't matter in the long run, only what God knows matters.  He keeps track with impunity.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


It is never too late to change.  How exciting it is to know that, but more so to do something about it? I have become so much more self aware as the years ebb and flow.  I see things about myself that I was not aware of before now.  Not all of them are good.  Once again, I  honor a loving Savior that is willing to reveal the places in me that need change.  And, while I am tending to the business he has appointed me, I am day by day a recipient of his grace.  How much better would we be in relating to one another as the Lord does with us under the auspices of grace?
I believe there is less pain when we advocate to grace one another. We can move on to other important tasks that won't waste precious time. Those  of us in my age bracket (past 50 years) probably have more time behind us than we do in front.  I don't desire not to waste another moment if at all possible.  Lord please help me to do what you have called me to do with the power you have already given me.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hurts, Pains and Disappointments

We have no control over how people treat us.  Sometimes they decide to treat you in a way that doesn't
line up with how you treat you them.  It hurts to be hurt. It hurts to be angry.  The Word tells us to be angry but, do not sin. That is not always a pattern of success for me.  I get so ticked and can go from zero to one hundred, at least in my mind.  I have to sit in my words.  I can't always say what I am thinking. I am very aware of how words hurt.  My sister reminds me that we will stand before our God and give an account of everything we said and our deeds while inhabiting this earthly vessel.
Disappointment is different,  When you expect others to behave a certain way and they are or unable or unwilling to do what they said they would, therein lies disappointment. Hurt, pain and disappointment have been my companions the last three or fours days.  Today I decided I was sick of them, and am moving on.  They are so stagnate.  They don't go far and won't allow you to either.
They lead you to depression, breakdown, loss of heart and abject failure if they stay too long. They have to go. I sent information out about this blog to a lot of family and friends.  I got very few responses, I thought everyone who knew would be happy for me.  Not necessarily, so I need to move on because I have no intention whatsoever to stop writing. This gift is from God so I know he sees if others don't.  Even those who share my blood.