Saturday, April 23, 2011

Need To Trust God

I parent a twenty-two year old man.  I know that in his formative years my husband and I poured into him.
We did not just tell him things we mirrored them so he could tell what the situation looked like.  Our collective walk with God started after our son was a teenager, however there were prayers and petitions that went up on his behalf as well as his cousins.  As a mother who parents not only her own child, but the children of others as well I see where the influence of a personal relationship with God doesn't exist or  is negligible.  I must remember however, that my own mother showed me what a personal walk with God looked like but, I still chose to go my own way.  Those choices allowed me to  have my own testimony about life experience. I know broke my mother's heart with decisions I made at times. Life lessons can be hard when you don't accept good counsel. To learn them will occassionally put you in harms way by your choice.  Experience is not always the best teacher. I need to stay in my place where my son is concerned and not allow his decisions or lack thereof to make my a candidate for crazy or to  try to resolve issues that I didn't create.  Prayer will keep me grounded.  Prayer will keep me from being so angry.  Prayer will allow him to experience his own choices and what they bring and I not try to rescue him. God will cover him because of his faithfulness to us.  Our children will not always be on our hand but, they will always be on our hearts. Teach us O Lord to depend on you and your word. We need to trust you for our well being and that of those whom we love.

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