Tuesday, March 27, 2012


There are days like today that I find myself in tears for what seems to be no apparent reason. My soul doth thank the Lord for his goodness and mercy toward me and my family. He is a worthy God. If you know him you can't miss how good he is and how good he has been. I don't have the language to express the depths of my love for him and deep down I know that which I have is still not enough. Thank you Jesus just the same for loving me beyond what I deserve. Looking beyond my faults to seeing my needs. I'll cry until I stop and be grateful for he bottles my tears.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Which Way To Go

I am not always sure which way to go.  I do have, a loving Savior with whom I have a deep and loving relationship and he sets the course for what path I take. It is up to me to
be obedient for it is better than sacrifce. Often when I have chosen to go my own way the outcome has been bad. When I do what I am asked by the Lord, it may not have been what I would have wanted to do , but the outcome is so much better. God's way is so much better.
Many times I have thanked God for not giving me what I asked for. He is far more faithful than I am, and patient with me.
I thank him for his lovingkindness and tender mercy on behalf of someone whose payment for her debt,should have been

I Am Factor

The I Am factor is very much a part of where my thoughts are.  There have always been people to talk about you get what you say.  Really that has more to do with a mind set and what you are willing to do to have what it is you want.  My I Am factor right now is about right position in my relationship with the Lord.  When my life is aligned with the will of Christ the other aesthetic issues will line up as they should.  God has made promises to us that will be kept beyond what man promises.  We also have to do things in God plan or we find ourselves out of the will of God.  He is the master planner and will execute his desire for us beyond what we think is right for us.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Traveling Through This Land

I've had something to say before now, but I kept putting off coming back here to say it all. This is by far one of the most beloved places I have every had to write and encourage myself. My family has been in a state of flux. We have lost 5 loved ones to death and their passing has left us shaken to the core.
Two of my very good friends are fighting cancer of some type. Both women have been strong and courageous in the way they have lived their lives and one is closer to leaving us than the other. It is so painful to know that they will be leaving us for I feel such deep connection to both and I don't want to let them go. But, they will complete thier journeys and the rest of us will go on.
Death is a part of life. I tell the young people in my life that life has to recycle. People come, people go. We all have to die. We all lose someone near and dear that we don't want to let go. These women have been such good friends and a compliment to their families and others. They have always been willing to help and have live lives reflecting the God's goodness towards others. My prayer for them is that God will not allow them to suffer long and I know his grace is sufficient. I know we will meet again.