Wednesday, April 6, 2011

56 years - A New Beginning

I didn't think I would see this age.  I didn't think I would see 40.  Certainly not, 50 and now 56.  How very good God has been to me!  April 4, 1955 was the day God elected to start me on my way towards my purpose in life.  I am grateful to him and my parents for allowing me to be here.  What I've done with the space between the lines in my life ( April 4, 1955 - not there yet) will be the most important things about me.  It leaves my son, friends, family and others a road map of who I became.  If they know how I started, they will know that because of grace and mercy I finished the race set before me.
We are all human becomings.  If we live, we develop.  We are changelings. We should not at any time stay the same.

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