Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hurts, Pains and Disappointments

We have no control over how people treat us.  Sometimes they decide to treat you in a way that doesn't
line up with how you treat you them.  It hurts to be hurt. It hurts to be angry.  The Word tells us to be angry but, do not sin. That is not always a pattern of success for me.  I get so ticked and can go from zero to one hundred, at least in my mind.  I have to sit in my words.  I can't always say what I am thinking. I am very aware of how words hurt.  My sister reminds me that we will stand before our God and give an account of everything we said and our deeds while inhabiting this earthly vessel.
Disappointment is different,  When you expect others to behave a certain way and they are or unable or unwilling to do what they said they would, therein lies disappointment. Hurt, pain and disappointment have been my companions the last three or fours days.  Today I decided I was sick of them, and am moving on.  They are so stagnate.  They don't go far and won't allow you to either.
They lead you to depression, breakdown, loss of heart and abject failure if they stay too long. They have to go. I sent information out about this blog to a lot of family and friends.  I got very few responses, I thought everyone who knew would be happy for me.  Not necessarily, so I need to move on because I have no intention whatsoever to stop writing. This gift is from God so I know he sees if others don't.  Even those who share my blood.

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