Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Another Kind of Friendship

Yesterday as I waited to fulfill my yearly tests, I met a woman who was at the hospital to support a friend with no one to come with her.  The lady was an artist who had cancer herself and knew her friend needed her.  I was struck once again by the beauty that abides in the friendship of women.  When it is good there is nothing that compares.  We will sometimes support friends in a way we can't with family members. I thanked the artist for her support of her friend and what a loving gesture it was for her to be there.  We talked briefly about her own experience with cancer and how it had devastated her life.  She did not want her friend to go it alone.  I thought about how she was modeling the love of God.  How we have been instructed to love one another as ourselves.  I listened as she told her friend not to worry about how long it would take for her to finish want needed to be done.  She was there and she would wait.  That's how God is with us.  Loving, patient, kind, understanding, covering us under his wing of protection.  Gracing us in ways we don't deserve.  Whatever her friend had or had not done her presence there at such a critical time meant so much to her and to me. I was reminded of my own great friends.  Thank you God for your undying sacrifice and your great love for us. Help us to be reminded daily to love each other the way you love us.

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