Sunday, August 28, 2011

Wait On The Lord

Yesterday, I was not seeing things as clearly as I do today.  God in his infinite wisdom let me sound off on what thought was a wrong done to me.  I was angry about not being able to my change my work venue, even after I had interviewed well and passed all the requirements.  Husband, friends, and family consoled me as I lamented how unfair it was that I should have to go back but, they also shared they felt that the Lord wanted me where I was for reasons that I could not see. I knew they were right but did not want to say so.  During the early morning hours after the worst part of Hurricane Irene, the Lord allowed me to dream about what seemed to be my Father who has been gone for 36 years.  I was in a setting similar to my job and I told Daddy how glad I was that he came to get me.  I could not fully see his face but,  and he didn't answer me. I now understand that God used the dream as a metaphor so I could understand that even though I didn't get the jobs I thought I wanted, "Daddy" was still with me.  Amazing what God is willing to do to get us to see what he is up to without revealing his whole plan.  I will continue to pray,do my part, ask for forgiveness for my impatience and see what God has in store for those who wait on him.    Isaiah 40:31

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