Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Better Days

I have heard some great sermons lately and as always, they make me look inward.   Last Sunday's sermon was about how people tend to live in their heads.  We will try to make others think all is well when the reality is things are not. The preacher was someone very close to me and I was so surprised by what he said.  More and more the Man of God is preaching to my issues that make me know that help is on the way.  We will never heal until we admit we need help.  My cousin gave us the gift of his need and we as listeners, were able to ascertain how healing came to him.  I know that if God saw fit to heal him, he will do the same for me. As my mess is revealed I refuse to cover it up and pretend as though it is not my lot.  My prayer life is on the increase because I acknowledge how messed up I am.  God is listening and answering prayers.  I love the Lord.  He is all I need and my hope for everything.  I will trust in the Lord till I die.  New mindsets are being revealed, new hope in God's ability to care for me, and new vision about where I would like to go.  I will ask the Lord for direction and not proceed until he says so.  Then I know my days will be better days for his promises on our behalf is yes, and amen.  

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