Monday, June 13, 2011

Prayer Changes Things

Prayers are being answered in big ways at our house.  We have a lot to pray for, but something  changed. When I asked God to strengthen me in places I am  weak he did it.  My faith was on shaky ground and I did not look at myself as the source of the problem. I was. When I acknowledged my fault and confessed to God, I got help. There are circumstances at our house that have developed and we have no where to go but, to our Father God.  We know that deliverance is on the way.  We also know that God will fix this in his time.  In the meantime, we will wait and do our part.  God is doing things in our lives to show us how big he is and more than before, we are telling our mountains how big our God is. I am so grateful to the Lord for his faithfulness to us even when we are not faithful to him. I love the way God loves us and I am still amazed to be loved to this degree without having to do anything to earn it.  Amazing Grace. We are worshipping God differently. Not for what he does but, for who he is in the lives of his children.  Our God is so amazing.

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