Friday, May 20, 2011


I work in an elementary school.  Several of the students who know that I am a believer approached me today to see if I believed the world was going to end tomorrow.  I asked them if it did happen what could they do?  Most said they did not know and they were scared.  I remember years ago when this same group of people tried to convince others that the world would end on a certain date and Jesus would be coming.  I am amazed that there are people all around who have yet to search the scriptures for themselves and have allowed themselves to believe what I feel to be the rantings of a fool.
The bible says that we will not know the minute or the hour that the Son of Man will appear.  Just as others have their belief that saturday is it, I prefer to believe the Word of God .  The children I spoke with were afraid, so I told them, when they see me on Monday morning, come and get a big hug and love from me as always. 
I know that many people think I am being duped by whom I place my  faith in and that I am dead wrong.  So be it. I am willing to take my chances on the Word Of God , than to trust in another version of someone elses inaccuracies.
I'd rather get to the end of my journey with Jesus than to have lived my life without him. When he does come, I will be ready.

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