Thursday, May 19, 2011


A dear friend is experienceing the break up of her marriage after 25 years due to adultery and other issues of selfishness.  Her tears and broken heartedness are hidden from some, but not from me.  She trusts me in the sense of telling her the truth and not sugar coating things.  That has always been the premise of our friendship from the beginning.  It's hard to see her in such pain but, we both agree that God keeps good records. There
are people in her former sphere of influence that have come to a conculsion of her matter without full knowledge of the details and as a result have severed ties with her.
My duty as her sisterfriend is to remind her that in this season some folks will depart.  Her life is being purged from people, old habits, disappoinment and opinions that will not be seen her in new landscape.  I am also charged to pray for her and her journey.  When this is over, there will be women who will hear her story and know that at times she was carried and,  others she was covered. Some will reconcile with her beacuse of their arrogant opinions.  Their judgement of her former marriage rests on grounds insufficient to produce certainty.  Lest we forget there are three sides to every story - his, hers and the truth. In essence what others think doesn't matter in the long run, only what God knows matters.  He keeps track with impunity.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding. 

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