Sunday, December 25, 2011


2011 was a very difficult year.  But, I get it.  I am being called out to do something that takes having to be under pressure and some degree of difficulty.  I know that in life those of us who are of the household of faith find ourselves under the gun and it is not for us.  It is for someone else.  I know that God sent people to me the my past, that had been through what I had been through.  Their experience helped me tremendously.  Experience that we personally go through is not always the best teacher.  I tell that to my young people.  Experience, can hurt and destroy. It can also end your life.
God's grace allows us second chances.  He is a God of second, third, fourth chances and more because of the grace he gives to us.  Unmerited favor.  I know I have done nothing to deserve unmerited favor.  For God to love me like this is nothing that I earned. I thank the Lord for his great love for me.  At times it was the only I thought I had and more than I could return.
I look forward to the new year and all that it is going to bring.  I am bringing my "A" game and by the grace of God it will be his love for me and plan for my life that I will follow.  Doing what I have been called to do and worshipping him as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

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