Sunday, December 25, 2011


Relationships mean more to me as I age.  Especially the ones within my family.  Our eldest sister is ill again, and each time she gets ill I become concerned. I know she is saved and I know no one could have her back better than God does.  But, I am her baby sister. I know that we are answers to our mother's prayers in the promises God made to save our whole household. Frances, Juanita and I are proof of that promise. I am the youngest and experiencing those feeling that come when your sister is sick.  Now that I think about it, being the youngest isn't the issue between us.  It is just cause it's just Sissy.  She has health issues that have taken away the feisty woman she used to be. It is hard to see but, fills me with compassion for her.  I thank God she is still here, and I can still do what baby sisters do to help.  I am grateful for my neices and nephew that do what they should for their mom.  We should  not slack when to comes to family, for I know God holds us to different standards.  His love is the measure we use to love others.  It will never be the same, but it needs to be as close as God gives us the strength to do.

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