Friday, May 3, 2013

Prayer Required For Others

I know I have been called to be a intercessor in prayer for others.  I have not been doing a good job of it.
Admitting this is somewhat embarrassing , however the truth should always win.  The name and faces of people drop in on me and I feel compelled to pray for them.  I don't always know why.  I feel pain and such empathy for them and that is how I know it is not a mistake that I have be called to pray.  I shrink from petitioning for them because it causes me pain.  Not a good enough reason  not to do what I have been called to do.  Sometimes. when I am released to tell the person I've been praying for them, they will tell me about a difficult time the having and began to feel relief, or will just cry and nod for we both know it was a divine appointment. This kind of sensitivity to the needs of others is divine.
I apologize to all of you that I have let down when I am not on my intercessory assignment. We serve a forgiving God, but I will not continue  to be disobedient for it is not good for those I should be lifting up
before the Lord and certainly, not good for me.

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