Friday, June 1, 2012

News Can't Make Me Blue

I am listening to the daily news on TV without watching the faces of those reporting. I know these people have to present the news in an unbiased fashion. I also know it must be hard to act as though what they are saying does not phase them. I don't envy what they have to do to earn their keep. The news is devastating to some degree. Not all of it is bad, but enough so that I know I am blessed and under the aupsices of grace. I know that God has his hands on me, my family and friends. I have all that I need and sometimes, what I want. My health is good and I am taking steps to make it better. I love my husband deeply, and am grateful to God for giving him to me. I have life issues just as everyone else does but, I have the joy of the Lord which is my strength. The daily news may sometimes be frightening, but I serve a risen Savior who knows what is going on and is overseeing the fulfillment of his word in this life. I don't know what I will encounter going forward, but I do know that God has his hands on me and without question that is more than enough for me.

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