Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Four Generations and Counting

Aunt Etta was the last of the fifth generation on my mother's side.  She and our mother were teenage girl friends and my Aunt married one of Mom's brothers.  She left us for heaven week before last.  We had a beautiful homegoing for her.  She would have loved the singing, the poetry, the kind words and all the other fanfare.  Auntie was a Queen in her own right.  Her children, grandchildren, great grands, nieces and nephews can attest to who she was and the impact she made on all of our lives.  She knew how to make you feel important, like you were the only person that she needed to love on.  An incredible, loving strong woman.  I wish so much to have at least some of what she had.  I want to affect they lives of others the way she did, but with my own spin on it. I cried a lot after she left us.  I was in the Doctor's office when he told us what her diagnosis was.  She said she was glad to know what was wrong and even then she was proclaiming the goodness of the Lord in her life.  She said she knew God would take care of her and that he would keep his promise to her.  What amazing grace to witness that spirit during one of the most crucial times in her life.  It also helps to bloster my faith for when I see old soliders like her and others holding on to God's promises, I know I can make it through.  As Mom used to say "God is not going to change his mind in your case." Aunt Etta saw Jesus, and so will we if we contiue to run the race before us.  I believe God and his word.

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