Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Standing on the Promises

I am at another crossroad.  I have to relinquish any control I thought I had and allow Christ his proper place in my life.  The standard I used to considered the way we could live has disappeared and the question is simple.  Will we do this our way according to feelings? Or Christ's way?!  Our son has to leave and go on his way without the cover we have long provided for him because he doesn't live a Godly life.  Therefore he is open to all kinds of living that is not how his Dad and I have chosen. He can't bring any kind of living to our home anymore.  My heart hurts, but, I choose Christ. I feel like crying but, I choose Christ.  I don't want him to go but, I choose Christ. I will cry but, I choose Christ. I remember well what Christ has done for me and how my life has changed.  In order to continue to be on the right path, I have to let him be parented by the Lord. I will pray for him until I close my eyes in death. I will ask the Lord to teach him and spare his life - then trust God to do the extraordinary in his life like he did in the life of his dad and myself. I choose Christ and there is no turning back.

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