Saturday, November 9, 2013


Our Pastor asked us to be Deacons in June or July of this year.  We both were stunned and we both cried. It seemed to us that we were not worthy of this calling but, as we accepted we knew we where going to in, deep! So our journey began and as of this date we are still studying to show our selves approved and learning so much more than we knew before. Pastor Mike Williams is an incredible teacher and he has led us to an understanding of the Call, as well as the Word that we had not experienced before.
While going through this process, we have been under attack from the evil one and other places.  We were told that this would happen but, there have been times that attack was tuned up to the utmost. I cried some, but I prayed more.  We believe in the power of prayer and know that we would not be able to go to any level without praying and asking for God for direction and protection.  He did not let us down! My precious husband has emerged in my eyes a man who knows that his source is God and does not fail to remind me when I am weak. He is holding me up and reminding me who I am in Christ and to him.
Thank God for prayer.  People have called out the clear blue, asked our well being and told us how they are praying for us. We are being encouraged to do our best studying,  for people seem to feel that this Call to be Deacons is right for us. We have not lived perfect lives but, we now live forgiven lives and God is our source.  Many, many things have happened to us in the last 2 years, we went down and got back up. I believe when we go through things and we are assigned to help others, they need to know you been through something so the can see what it looks like to be on the other side.
On other side of the challenges we met, has been a overwhelming sense of the presence of the Almighty.  He used those issues to teach us to become better at praying and depending on Him in ways we had never before. God rescued us because no one else was qualified to do so and no one else can to be to us what he continues to be.  The great I AM.

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